Windom Hill Place



Reduce—Reuse —Recycle
It starts with the basic design. Windom Hill Place will use 60% less energy than your conventional 1 story house.

because of its continuous thermal envelope (the outside walls of the home) Insulated concrete form, or ICF, was chosen for Windom Hill Place. This provides a high thermal mass that acts like a battery in a hybrid car to store energy. see www.arxxbuild.com for more information on this superior way to build a home.

Energy Star Partner (Sota Construction Services, Inc.)
Homes can be Energy Star compliant. According to our Energy Star scoresheet, Windom Hill Place Homes are 27% more efficient than a similar townhome. It's like driving a hybrid Lexus only better! The appliances and HVAC equipment in your home also meet Energy Star requirements

Reduce and Recycle
Use materials that are rapidly renewable or have recycled content. The bamboo and cork floors used at Windom Hill Place are rapidly renewable (greenspeak translation, you can harvest them on a regular basis without killing the plant ). The gypsum board, exterior metal panels and cast stone are also made from recycled materials.

IAQ —Indoor Air Quality
Windom Hill Place uses low VOC (volatile organic compound) materials in the paints, caulking and adhesives to reduce indoor pollutants. The Energy Recovery ventilator that is installed provides for continuous HEPA filtered fresh air.

Native Plant Landscaping
Invasive plants have been removed and replaced with plants that are native to our area and will require far less maintenance, including the elimination of irrigation, pesticides and herbicides. They will also provide much needed habitat for our native wildlife including birds, butterflies and other animals.

Location Location
Last but perhaps most important - is the location of Windom Hill Place. You are within easy walking distance to the South Side flats by walking a short distance east on Windom Street to a pedestrian bridge that takes you to the heart of the South Side. Downtown Pittsburgh and Station Square are just minutes away as well. Keep your car in the garage!