Riverside Mews



As the largest green housing development in Pittsburgh, Riverside Mews demonstrates that it is possible to blend sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials and systems with great design to create homes that are energy efficient and healthier for their occupants.

Riverside Mews is being built with quality as a top priority by Sota Construction Services, Inc.. Blackbird Condominiums and Artist Studios in Lawrenceville, WYEP Community Broadcasting Center on the South Side, and the Felician Sisters School and Convent in Moon Township are all projects built by Sota using the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards developed by the U.S. Green Building Council.

How are Riverside Mews homes green?

They minimize their impact on the environment by

  • making efficient use of resources
  • recycling construction waste
  • sourcing materials locally whenever possible
  • using materials with recycled content
  • being located close to shopping, work and entertainment making cars ¬†unnecessary
  • using existing infrastructure and amenities of the City of Pittsburgh

They use fewer natural resources by

  • installing efficient HVAC systems that use less
  • fossil fuels for heating and cooling
  • installing low-flow plumbing fixtures to lessen water consumption
  • using efficient appliances and lighting fixtures

They provide healthier indoor environments by

  • being designed with abundant natural light
  • providing freash air delivery through outside air intakes or the optional energy recovery ventilator
  • making outdoor living areas integral to the homes
  • using materials that do not off-gas
  • using natural materials, such as wood, bamboo and cork that are sustainably harvested and are beautiful materials to live with


They are designed to meet Energy Star for Homes standards meaning they are significantly more efficient that standard homes by

  • using Energy Star appliances and fixtures
  • installation of high efficiency HVAC equipment with programmable thermostats
  • providing significant air sealing through advanced caulking at all penetrations and at the top and bottom of all exterior walls, windows and door frames
  • installation of high performance windows with argon-filled low-E glass
  • use of high efficiency insulation in the roof and exterior walls